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Highly innovative facade
that reduces energy consumption and opens up whole new possibilities

A perfect solution for all buildings must combine the seemingly impossible. It must be compatible with all substrates and insulation thicknesses. It must last longer than any other. It must be produced regionally from natural raw materials and be fully recyclable. And it must offer unlimited creative freedom. This perfect solution has a name: ALL-IN-PROTECT

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Moulds itself seamlessly to any building
Evens out surface irregularities and can be used on different substrates
Water & electrical installations can be integrated
Accommodates high insulation thicknesses and all insulation materials
Can be subsequently converted or expanded at any time
Made for highly creative solutions
wide range
Dark facades are possible thanks to high heat resistance
Offers unlimited design freedom
Suitable for all surfaces due to high weight-bearing capacity
Allows innovative ideas such as greening and cooling to be implemented
Stands the test of time
keep strong
Offers impact protection with its robust outer shell
Enables fire protection up to class A2
Safe and secure, thanks to high weight-bearing capacity
Retains its shape, due to weather resistance
Integrates additional noise insulation
With us, environmental protection is not just a front
3x more durable than conventional facades
90% less waste than comparable solutions
100% natural and reusable raw materials
Environmentally friendly, regional production

The custom solution


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Download brochure (PDF)